Printed Carrier Bags (Quote)

Now available with minimum order quantity just 1000 bags!

Look around any high street, and you'll see the top names on glossy carrier bags influencing thousands of potential customers. This could be Your Name if you use this way to promote your business!

Our top quality carriers are used and re-used for months, carrying your message to the public time and time again!

We offer a complete design and printing service to help you project the right image, and make a lasting impression with your customers.

Head to our sister site, for further details and examples of our work on bespoke carrier bags.

Contact our sales team now for a quote.


How to order:
- Contact us with your enquiry
- We’ll arrange quotation for approval
- Send us your artwork
- We’'ll suggest ideal print options for  maximum performance
- Once artwork is approved, delivery to you within 5 weeks
Production Options:
-Punched Handle
-Re-inforced Handle
-Turn over top Handle
-Clip Close Handle
-Wicketted Bags








Are you worried about the 'Carrier Bag Tax'?

A lot of confusion and alarm has spread since the confirmation from the English government in May 2014, that a levy of 5p per bag has been applied to all carrier bags from 2015. This tax applies only to companies with over 250 employees

What this means for you, the small business owner, is that as long as you have less than 250 employees, then you will be exempt from the charge. In turn, this means you don't have to change to paper/fabric carrier bags.

We still feel that the plastic carrier bag is by far the most cost effective, and carbon friendly option for containing your goods in transit from store to home.

  • Polythene is a by-product from crude oil refinement, meaning it exists as long as the world uses oil!
  • Polythene carrier bags can now be included with most council plastics recycling, where all sorts of new plastics can be made.
  • 95% of our polythene carriers are UK made, not shipped or flown in, keeping carbon emissions down, and keeping trade local.
  • Remember, plastic carrier bags can be used hundreds of times, for several uses!


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